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Equipment for Testing of Power Cables Insulation and Solid Dielectrics

High Voltage Diode Device DTE 70/50D         
High Voltage Diode Device DTE 70/50D         
High Voltage Test System for Solid Dielectrics Testing DTE-40         

Stands for Protective Equipment Testing

Stand high-voltage test - DTE-15-4D         
High-voltage Stationary Stand DTE-50D         
High-voltage Stationary Stand DTE-100D         
High-voltage Stationary Stand DTE-100-12D         
Drying Apparatus for Dielectric Protective Equipment DTE-01/05D         

Devices for Relay Protection and Automation Testing (RPA)

Relay Protection Testing Device DTE–450/200         
Relay Protection Testing Device DTE–450/2000         
Relay Protection Testing Device DTE–450/3000         

High current test devices

Сircuit Breaker Testing Device DTE–6М         
Сircuit Breaker Testing Device DTE–10М         
Сircuit Breaker Testing Device DTE–14М         
Сircuit Breaker Testing Device DTE–16М         
Сircuit Breaker Testing Device DTE–20М         

Nutrition plant for electrostatic separators