Stand high-voltage test DTE-15-4D (further stand) is designed for the following works:

  • Tests of dielectric rubber gloves, a bot, electric tools, etc. Variable high voltage industrial frequency, adjustable within 100V – 15kV.
  • Checks of neon lamps with variable voltage of industrial frequency, adjustable within 5 – 200V.

Features of the stand – the use of a “dry” high-voltage transformer in a set of test bath installation.

Technical specifications

Parameter name Value
Power supply AC voltage 220 ± 22, /50 ± 1 Гц
Power consumption, at most 0,9
Operation mode «100В» «15кВ»
Effective value of the maximum testing voltage 0,200 15
Reduced voltage measurement error ± 3
Reduced voltage measurement error 1 4
Maximum measured leakage current, mA not measured 7,8
Reduced current measurement error ± 3
Control unit weight, at most 13
CU overall dimensions, mm 430 х 370 х 225
Control unit weight, at most 10

You can see the 3D model of the device at this link