DTE-50D purpose

The stand is designed for acceptance and maintenance testing of electric protective equipment used in electrical installations.

Stand allows testing of

  • Rubber insulating gloves;
  • Dielectric rubber boots and galoshes;
  • Fitting and mounting tool with insulated handles (screwdrivers, wire cutters, pliers, etc.).

The stand can be used as a high voltage AC test system for insulation testing of such products as cables, insulators, etc.

Technical specifications

Parameter name Value
Power supply AC voltage 220 V ± 10%
Power supply frequency 50 Hz ± 1
Power consumption, at most 0,9 kW
Operation mode «100 V» «15 kV» «50 kV»
Effective value of the maximum testing voltage 0,2 kV 15 kV 50 kV
Reduced voltage measurement error ± 3 %
Testing seats quantity 1 4 1
Maximum measured leakage current, mA not measured 7,6 10
Reduced current measurement error ± 3 %
Control unit weight, at most 14 kg
High voltage unit HVU-50 weight, at most 42,5 kg
Testing bath weight, at most 32 kg
Average service life 10 years


The stand consists of control unit CU, high voltage unit HVU-50 and testing bath, which are connected by electrical cables.

Control Unit is designed to control the stand operating modes, to measure and display testing currents and voltages.

High voltage unit HVU-50 is used to produce AC testing high voltage up to 50 kV and is a booster transformer. The source is connected to the control unit with two cables. The test voltage is measured at the secondary winding of high voltage transformer HVU-50.

Testing bath is designed to create conductive medium for testing of protective equipment or tools with insulated handles. Testing bath consists of a container made of stainless steel and rack made of square steel pipe constructively connected via electrical insulators. Package with the testing bath includes a rack for placing four gloves or one bot and a measuring rod with four testing electrodes – probes.

During the test the tank is filled with conductive liquid in which are immersed tested objects (protective equipment or tools with insulated handles). In tested object there are placed testing electrodes – probes by means of which the leakage current of the tested object are measured and controlled.

During the testing the bath tank is supplied test voltage high potential via high-voltage wire from the HVU-50. During the testing of gloves or boots zero potential of testing voltage is supplied by the test electrodes placed in these tested objects filled with conductive liquid.

During testing tools with insulated handles zero potential of testing voltage is supplied by test electrodes which are clamped onto the metal part of the tested object, whose insulated handles immersed into a conductive liquid in the tank. Leakage current signals are received via measuring signals cable on CU jack. In “15 kV” mode there are measured leakage currents which flow through bath testing electrodes.

Warning: in the “50 kW” mode there is measured the leakage current flowing through the HVU-50 secondary winding.

You can see the 3D model of the device at this link