High-voltage Stationary Stand DTE-100-12D

High-voltage Stationary Stand DTE-100-12D is designed to test the insulation dielectric properties of the electric protective equipment.

The stand allows testing of

  • Insulating rubber gloves and boots, power tools, etc. by AC power frequency high voltage adjustable in the range 100V – 15kV.
  • Insulating high voltage rods by AC power frequency high voltage adjustable in the range 300V – 100kV.
  • Neon lights by AC power frequency voltage adjustable in the range 0 – 200V.

The stand units can be used as a high voltage test system for testing of different product insulation (cables, insulators, etc.)

Technical specifications

Parameter name Value
Power supply AC voltage 220 ± 22, /50 ± 1 Гц
Power consumption 0,9 kW max
Operation mode «100V» «15 kV» «100 kV»
Effective value of the maximum test voltage 200V 15 kV 100 kV
Reduced voltage measurement error ± 3 %
Testing seats quantity 1 12 1
Maximum measured leakage current not measured 7,6 mA 10 mA
Reduced current measurement error ± 3 % ± 3 %
Control unit weight 14 kg max
High voltage unit weight 40 kg max
Overall dimensions of the control unit 420х360х225 mm
Overall dimensions of the high voltage unit HVU-50 (1) 700х360х300 mm
Overall dimensions of the high voltage unit HVU-50 (2) 700х360х300 mm
Average service life 10 years


Testing device parameters
– number of test electrodes (6 in each bath) 12
– overall dimensions 1090х970х612 mm
– dry weight 40 kg max
Parameters of LCD output voltage meter
– AC voltage measuring range , kV 0,2;20; 200;
– reduced relative measurement error 3% max
Parameters of LCD leakage current meter
– measuring range 20 mA
– reduced relative measurement error 3 % max
The stand occupied area (recommended) 12 m²
Equipment weight 170 kg max
Average service life 10 years

The Stand Structure

The stand consists of such units:

  • Control and measurement init (hereinafter – CU);
  • Master high voltage unit (hereinafter – HVU-50_1);
  • Slave high voltage unit (hereinafter – HVU-50_2);
  • Testing device (hereinafter – TD-15).

Additionally for testing insulating rods there are two tripods with twelve lodgements. Unit connections are made via interconnect cables, see unit connections schema in operation manual on p. 10-11. Appearance of the DTE-100-12D units is shown on picture below. Control and measurement init CU is intended to control and display the stand modes and also to measure and display the output voltage and current values. High-voltage units HVU-50_1, HVU-50_2 is intended to produce tesing AC power frequency high voltage up to 100 kV. The main component of these units is a high-voltage transformer, which increases the initial 220 V voltage to 50kV. Wiring diagram of units HVU-50 to the control and measurement unit CU is shown on page 10. The testing device TD-15 is intended to the stand operation in mode of insulation testing of dielectric gloves, boots, electrical tools with insulated handles. TD-15 feature is the embedded “dry” high voltage transformer. Its high-voltage winding is connected to the two testing baths. Maximum high voltage of the transformer is about 15 kV. Testing device TD-15 is connected to the control unit with interconnecting electrical cables, see the wiring diagram on page 11.. The stand also includes movable and stationary tripods for rods testing . Tripods are made in the form of a triangular base that hosts the high-voltage insulators, on top of which is fixed the rack with lodgements for mounting tested rods.