The DTE-10M purpose

The device is intended for testing and certification of high-voltage cables and dielectric insulators on distribution points of electrical networks and transformer substations, as part of mobile electrical laboratory. It can be used in stationary electrophysical laboratories as a high voltage source for solid dielectrics testing.


Technical specifications

Power supply AC voltage* 380V ± 10%
Power supply frequency 50Hz ± 1%
Maximum consumption current 140 A
Maximum voltage at output terminals 7V
Maximum current at output terminals (rms) 11 kA
Maximum DTE-10M–10М power consumption 55 kW
Output current measuring and recording range with measurement error less than 1.5% 20—11000 A
Measuring and recording range of output current duration with measurement error less than 0,05% 0,01—1000 sec.
Temperature protection threshold 96°С ±10%
Overall dimensions,(mm) 480*250*310
Weight of the device without the flexible bars 53 kg, max
Device average service life 10 years

** Possible DTE-10M–10М power voltage is 220V, wherein the power output would three times decrease.


Device operating conditions

Environment temperature range 0°C — 35°C.
Relative air humidity at +25°C ≤80%.
Atmospheric pressure, mm Hg 630—800

You can see the 3D model of the device at this link